Welcome to the hunting page. Allow me to introduce myself to the new hunters and say hello to the returning clients.

My name is Mike Shepherd. I have over 30 years experience in hunting and hopefully 30 more (God willing and the creek don’t rise!!). I have always enjoyed the challenge of baiting, tracking and hunting larger game, and have found the area around Opimika to be an out doorman’s dream. For a new hunting experience, why not give us a try and I am sure you will turn Opimika into your annual hunting destination.

Moose & Deer

We are in wildlife management area 41.  The abundance of selective logging cuts, marshlands and old growth timber, allow us to have an extended moose season with the first 2 weeks designated  for bow hunters only.


Opimika wilderness Camp and Cottages bear management area is over 500 sq km, allowing for both resident and non-resident hunters. Our bear hunting season allows for many a happy hunter. The two month season tells you of the abundance of the bear in our area. We provide our hunters with baited areas and access to tree stands and ground blinds, giving you the best possible options for the hunt. Rifle or bow, your preference.

Bear Hunting in Ontario.

  • Don’t forget your licenses.
  • Border crossing for gun transport 1-800-731-4000 or www.cfc-ccaf-gc-ca
  • Call for hunting rates